Sunday, August 1, 2010

Some Numbers to be Proud of…

During the closing ceremonies, Julianna Brienza, Capital Fringe Festival founder and artisitic director, shared some amazing statistics that are worth noting. Since its inception five years ago, the Fringe has brought 600 productions to the stage. Almost 50% of them were new works. This year alone there were 57 new works (The Poet Warriors among them). In 2009 there were 67 shows sold out. This year's sold out shows totaled 88. In 2009 there were 25,500 tickets sold. This year, 33,897 tickets were sold.

The cast and production team of The Poet Warriors are extremely proud to have been part of this amazing festival in our Nation's capital. Jose Luis Díaz asserts: "We couldn't have done it without the amazing audiences that supported us through out the festival."

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  1. The play was a carefully crafted way of taking on societal issues with both pathos and humor. The music was superb and the ending was unforgettable. This is a play that can speak to a broad audience and should be picked up by one of DC many wonderful theater companies and of course go beyond DC.

    Juliana Taymans