Thursday, July 15, 2010

The reviews are in… said…
"[It has] moments that are intensely genuine and evoke honest emotional response." 

"this production was a sterling example of a new musical, well-produced, well-directed, and exceedingly well-cast that isn’t afraid to have a few false numbers in order to have musical moments that truly shine."

"[Jase] Parker’s entire performance was captivating—he exuded an energy/presence/what have you that demanded focus while serving, never hindering, the action of the play.

audiences said… 
"It was poignant, funny, and moving… The actors were completely committed to their characters and drew you in from the start."

"It is a beautiful beautiful story in so many ways. I loved it. And I was so very moved by it. It will stay with me for a long time."

"[we] were blown away by it, as was the entire audience – as you saw when the show got a standing ovation."

"I am not a fan of musical theater. This show may have changed my mind about that!"

Come experience THE POET WARRIORS in the hands of six incredible performers. Tickets available for only three more performances!!

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